Derma-K 40% Skin Bleaching and Peeling Cream 50ml



What Are The Advantages Over Normal Benoquin Monobenzone Cream?

  • Micronization of monobenzone powder will result in high penetration of the active ingredient.
  • This combination formulation contains Retinoic Acid which exfoliates the upper layers of the skin making the pathway for Monobenzone to penetrate in deeper layers.
  • Due to the combination formula, MONO+T cream can easily replace monobenzone cream 60%.
  • The cream base used in Micronized monobenzone + Retinoic Acid MONO+T cream is lipophilic (soothing oil-based) which overall helps in dryness followed by the application of the cream.
    Retinoic Acid is a strong skin exfoliator, Caution must be taken when using the method on other body areas.


What is Derma-K 40+ Micro Monobenzone + Retinoic Acid Cream?

Derma-K 40+ Micro Monobenzone + Retinoic Acid Cream is a patented combination formulation that rapidly begins the onset of depigmentation. Micronized crystal of Monobenzone is absorbed quickly while Retinoic acid helps in exfoliation as well as penetration of the skin.

The combination formulation is intended for Arms & Legs depigmentation including stubborn spots. Derma-K 40+ Monobenzone Cream + Retinoic Acid Cream is intended for those who want to get rid of stubborn pigmentation and repigmentation. The cream is made using the latest cream formula that incorporates a fresh batch of micronized monobenzone powder. Unlike many brown versions of oxidized monobenzone cream, this cream contains antioxidants that help in maintaining its off-white cream color.