• Fettarm is the first German manufacturer of slimming and weight loss products.
  • This product works on curbing and filling the appetite in a large way and to burn fat and get rid of excess water in the body.


The ideal solution to eliminate obesity in a safe, sound and healthy way, tested by many and effective, works to burn fat and suppress appetite at the same time*. Reduces weight in a healthy and balanced way and does not affect body functions and the like*. It is suitable from the age of 18 and above. The original product is German made.

Works to suppress appetite and burn fat at the same time*
It consists of herbs and natural ingredients
Easy to use, one pill a day
No harm or side effects*
One box is enough for 30 days of use
Can be used by both women and men

The way it works:
fettarm capsules suppress appetite* with a group of plant extracts that give a feeling of satiety and fullness and the lack of desire to eat various foods. Then the body works to burn stored fats and carbohydrates to compensate for the lack of foods rich in fats and carbohydrates*.

How to use :
Take only one tablet daily, half an hour before breakfast. Note: Taking more than one pill per day will not increase the user’s weight loss. This violates the instructions on the packaging.

Exercising or dieting during use:
fettarm pills reduce weight without the need for exercise or diet*. However, faster weight loss has been observed with exercise*. It is preferable to exercise for those with large weights to avoid the formation of flabbiness.

fettarm is not for pregnant and lactating women, heart patients and hypertension patients. Diabetics can use fettarm if it is accompanied by a diet with monitoring of sugar in the first days of use. fettarm pills contain a large amount of caffeine, so people sensitive to caffeine should not use them either.

Symptoms when using:
Feeling thirsty as a result of increased metabolism (fat burning). Make sure to drink water regularly during the day. Avoid drinking coffee and eating chocolate that contains caffeine during use so that you can sleep at night.