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Using the Maxman 3-in-1 Power Gel For Men will result in reduced sensitivity, give you a long-lasting erection, and increase your confidence and enjoyment.

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he Maxman 3-in-1 Power Gel For Men is an excellent delay gel that will drastically improve the way you make love and the pleasure you derive from it. It is the most ultimate solution to one of the most common male sexual issues; premature ejaculation. It can effectively improve male sexual stimuli and promotes blood supply to the penis. All this extra blood in the penile shaft leads to better circulation and helps you last longer.


Premature ejaculation is a really common condition that affects about 75% men at one point or another in their life. The incredible formula of the gel also helps delay premature ejaculation and that greatly increases the sexual joy of both the partners involved. It is the easiest solution to add some much-needed passion into your sex life and often leads to increased sexual libido. For the best results, it is advised to apply the proper amount of the gel to the penis about 10 minutes before sexual intercourse. It is also important to massage the gel onto the erect penis so that it gets absorbed into the skin. Once you apply this gel onto your erect penis, you can have sex many times longer than before. This extended ability to go longer might help you satisfy your lover, ensuring mind-blowing orgasms for both of you.


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