SADOER 100g Retinol SNAKE Venom Gold Mask Moisturizing Pulling Tightening And Shrinking Pore Face Mask skin care products


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  • Say Goodbye To Rough And Moist Skin, The Texture Is Fine And Easy To Spread, Easy To Apply Into A Film
  • Uplifting, Pulling And Anti-wrinkle, Helping You To Apply Delicate, Smooth, Firm And Tender Young Skin
  • Contains Retinol, And Other Ingredients, Moisturizes And Protects The Skin, Dilutes Dry Lines And Fine Lines
  • Retinol Snake Venom Gold Mask Firms the skin, restores skin elasticity,
  • dilutes skin fine lines,
  • removes wrinkles,
  • nasolabial lines,
  • eye wrinkles,
  • forehead wrinkles, etc.,
  • and makes facial skin smoother.